Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Order Out Of Control Tour Dvd

Girls Aloud bring you The Out of Control Tour DVD!It's only right that with the Girls' biggest tour yet there comes their most impressive DVD to cover it!!

It's coming out on two different editions both of which you can pre-order now!

Here's what you need to know...

The DVD will give you best seats in the house at one of the Girls' biggest shows to date as well as take you behind the scenes on tour.

The standard edition is available on both DVD (out 5th October) and Blu-ray (out 12th October) and is loaded with extras. You'll be able to watch music videos for 'The Promise', 'The Loving Kind' and 'Untouchable', there's some Behind-the-Scenes access where we catch up with the girls and even the five sets of tour screen visuals that were projected during the show! But as well as all that we have a complete exclusive, something kinda new(!) that the girls have never done's the Girl Cam! You can follow your favourite girl as she performs a song on tour! You can follow Nadine ('Sound Of The Underground'), Kimberley ('Love Is The Key'), Cheryl ('Revolution In The Head'), Sarah ('Miss You Bow Wow') and Nicola ('Love Machine') on stage in a totally new experience.

But for all you Ultimate fans we have a totally unique version that is ONLY available on the Girls' site. It will feature the DVD of the show as well as all the extras. There's also an Audio CD of the main show so you can listen to the Girls anytime, anyplace. As well as all this there'll be a 24-page full colour booklet with all the lyrics as well as all YOUR photos from the tour. The DVD will come in a very special hinged box too. Pre-order your special fan edition on the Girls' site now!
Whichever format you get this DVD on, make sure you own this piece of the Girls Aloud legacy, their biggest and most impressive tour yet -
The Out of Control Tour 2009!

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Anonymous said...

I am so buying this, i just hope to see more of Sarah & Nicola than we saw in the SKY TV version.