Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Coldplay, Jay Z and Girls Aloud – it’s a bit of an odd combination, isn’t? Well nevertheless the three different acts combined for two gigs at Wembley stadium over the weekend, and according to reports – the crowds loved it.It was the first time in months that Girls Aloud had performed together, so prior to the concert the group had a brief brush up on their dance moves.The problem is, as they all hadn't seen each other in quite sometime they spent most of their time gossiping instead of dancing, leading a frustrated choreographer to give the girls a good telling off:"She (the choreographer) was tearing her hair out.The girls were so excited to see each other but only had three days to rehearse.She shouted at them for gossiping and then banned their mobile phones from rehearsals. They felt like little schoolkids."We’re glad to see the girls are happy to be back together again, despite reports that Nadine is feeling increasingly isolated (again!).Source:

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