Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sarah's a real boffin

I THOUGHT SARAH HARDING’s bedtime reading wouldn’t stretch much further than the latest guide to London’s nightlife.But the GIRLS ALOUD star is a secret stargazer with much weightier tomes on her bedside table.Yes, Camden’s most glamorous caner reads mind-boggling books about astronomy and quantum physics.Top of her current reading list is brain box STEPHEN HAWKING’s A Brief History Of Time.A source said: “There’s a lot more going on under that blonde barnet than Sarah’s given credit for."She’s a smart cookie and does read an awful lot.”The Lancashire lass is so keen to stimulate her grey matter that she has even bought a telescope.The Bucks house she shares with fella TOM CRANE has a huge skylight — so she can probe the skies to her heart’s content.

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