Friday, 9 January 2009

Sarah Harding: I won't marry lover Tommy

Sarah Harding has dealt her long-term boyfriend Tommy Crane a punishing blow, revealing that as long as she has a career in the limelight she won't be marrying him, or anyone.
The Girls Aloud star made her career vow as she spoke off the couple 'strain' to maintain the peace in their North London home.

The party-loving 27-year-old, says she doesn't have 'faith' in marriage, telling: 'We bicker constantly and drive each other crazy. It's straining sometimes.'
'It's hard work going out with a DJ who comes in at five in the morning. I'm knackered a lot more.'
Harding says any hint of marriage talk is way off the radar for the couple, telling ES Magazine: 'I'm very career-driven and that's got to come first.'
'If you're going to be married, you can't have a full time career. That's when marriages break up'
'That's what I think, or what I've seen. Maybe I don't have much faith in marriage.'

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