Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Loving Kind

Right guys come on we all need to buy download The Loving Kind as much as we can, as it stands its only No 10 in the mid weeks. We know it aint gonna get a high position due to the lack of promotion but if we all say download it again or buy another cd im sure we can help back sure its in the top 10.
Please remember if buying the single from hmv etc only buy one copy at once because if you buy 10 and buy them all together it still only counts as one. You can download it from itunes, digital 7, napster and msn music all count towards the charts. You can download it more than once from itunes just leave it about 5 hours inbetween.
So come guys we cant have the girls top 10 record going, please help the girls get TLK in the top 10.

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