Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sarah tries to win Tommy Back

Article from the Daily Mail:
[b]Girl alone Sarah Harding tries to win back her man[/b]
28th June 2008
Distant: Sarah Harding tries to win back ex Tom Crane as the pair leave a West London nightclub last night
Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding was pictured last night leaving a London nightclub with 'ex' Tom Crane - despite reports last week that the pair had split. Desperate Sarah clung to Tom's hand in the back of the limo as they left the Mahiki club, while Tom looked tired and distant.
'Pressure of work' was to blame for the breakup, according to DJ Crane, who complained of never seeing Harding, 26, who recently finished a sell-out tour with the band.
But other reports said Crane, 28, was jealous of Harding's relationship with one of her backing dancers, Jackson Williams. During a flight to Monaco she was said to have tickled Williams' ears, fondled his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.
Sarah Harding and Jackson Williams (centre) cavort on-stage during the Girls Aloud Tangled Up tour
Crane and Harding had been together for a year before they split, and 'had a very good sex life' according to Crane, who said he ditched Harding because her pop star schedule meant the two spent hardly any time together.
Girls Aloud's heavy touring schedule meant Harding spent more time with hunky backing dancers than her man. Crane waited home alone for Harding while she went off on the road.
The group were joined by their dancers recently on a beach holiday to celebrate the end of their Tangled Up tour. Harding and Williams, 27, were pictured frolicking together in the Med alongside the rest of the group, and rode a jet ski together.
A band spokesman insisted that there was nothing going on between Harding and Williams.

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