Wednesday, 6 January 2010

An Untouchable Single

Girls Aloud. The UK's hottest selling girl band that banded back in 2002 and have had 20 Top 10 singles, broke records with their selling singles and albums. Their last single, the trancey-mid-90s dance track "Untouchable" topped at only number 11 on the UK music charts, making this single their only non Top 10 single to date.So now fans are gathering, nearly a year since the single's been released, to have fans re-download or purchase their single so that "Untouchable" will be their 21st Top 10, keeping the cycle going. There's going to be a national "Download Untouchable" week that's going to commence at the end of January. There's a Facebook Group that's rallying fans to join together for that week and to recruit some new fans as well. The campaign is even making headlines in UK Tabloids and even THEY are getting fans to rally & purchase their copy of the single. So, we're going to do the same.So if you haven't heard "Untouchable" or heard of Girls Aloud at all, below is your chance to listen to the amazing epic pop song that is probably the best pop song of the 2000s or ever.

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