Friday, 14 August 2009

See-through Sarah Harding keeps caning to minimum

Is Sarah Harding calming down her party lifestyle?Surely not.
But it was odd to see her having a very early night after going to Mahiki nightclub with boyfriend Tom Crane.

Lacy number: Sarah Harding looks smashing rather than smashed
They began their evening with dinner at Nobu last night before heading to the Mayfair nightspot to celebrate the birthday of one of Tom's pals.

Instead of falling out of the doors at 4am, as we're used to seeing, the singer and Tom left just after midnight. While Sarah had not spilled a single drink down her see-through top, Tom looked like he might need a headache tablet or two this morning.

She had to be up bright and early today to make a hairdresser's appointment in Mayfair at Daniel Hersheson in Conduit Street. We're told: “Sarah wasn't drinking last night as she's knackered from working flat out at the moment filming the new St Trinian's movie. She had to be up at 7am today to make her hair appointment before heading straight to the film set.” Presumably normal service should resume shortly.

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Anonymous said...

I think the press all share the same brain between them as they just keep coming out with the same damn stories all the time, i have no objection to seeing a few new pics every now and then but they really need to lay off (all) the girls and give them some peace.