Saturday, 27 June 2009


SHE may have kept a low profile in Ibiza while Kate Price was there, but Sarah Harding made up for lost time.
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She went wild on the White Isle on the penultimate night of her two-week holiday.
The vodka-necking babe got so drunk at Twice As Nice in Eden nightclub she had to be carried out by security.
We take our hats off to her.
The Girls Aloud star, 27, has been uncharacteristically quiet over the last fortnight.
And we feared there was something wrong with our favourite party pixie.
But the blonde stick of fun was back on the razzle with pals in the Ibiza superclub on Thursday night.
A fellow clubber told us: “Sarah was having a great time, dancing around like a loon, shaking her booty in the VIP section to all the R’n’B and garage tunes.
“Sarah and her six mates were downing champagne and vodka and busting shapes. They ran up a huge bar bill and really let loose, dancing on the sofas and being extremely rowdy.”
The sassbucket was heard saying “It’s so hot in here” as she danced like a mentalist while sucking on a lollipop which stayed in her mouth all night.
Finally, at 3.30am, the legless minx started falling all over the place and had to be carried out by security to the official Eden minibus, which drove her posse back to their villa.
We expect the Harding massive stayed up to watch the sunrise and started on the sangria for breakfast. It breaks our hearts to miss out.

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