Sunday, 28 September 2008

Just supreme: Girls Aloud swing back to the 60s for their latest video

Girls Aloud step back in time in their latest video which sees them don a series of sexy sixties-style looks.
Sarah Harding resembles a young Twiggy with her scraped-back hair and a leopard print top while Nicola Roberts opts for a huge bouffant do.
The clip for single The Promise features the girls attending an old-fashioned drive-thru cinema to watch a film which also stars them.

The song - which is reminiscent of sixties group The Supremes - is a follow-up to their summer single Can't Speak French and looks set to be another huge seller for the popular girl group.

Last week Sarah Harding told how she was devastated to be labelled the ‘slapper’ of the band.

In an extract from Girls Aloud's upcoming autobiography Dream That Glitter, serialised in OK! magazine, she says:
'One paper called me the "slapper" of the band. I don't think so. I've never even had a one-night stand.
'I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.

'I think going out with the wrong men has taught me what not to accept and as I've got older I've become stronger.
'I won't tolerate certain behaviour, men thinking they can walk all over me, and I think some of them are threatened by that.'

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